Dec. 20th, 2008

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On behalf of someone who must remain anonymous for the time being, I have a fanfic-related question for those who know the San Francisco area. In the words of anon:

"I need a good place for [character] to drive to at the end of the story. I want it to be kind of romantic, like a spot overlooking the water, but not automatically a "going to make out here" place. I'm thinking Telegraph Hill might work, but I'm open to better/more appropriate suggestions. Time would be evening."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

In return, I bring you a fannish edition of "things overheard in my apartment," all courtesy of The Boy.

* "This show is made by slashers. I'm not saying that in a bad way, it just--really is."

-The Boy, after I made him watch what were admittedly Merlin/Arthur vids, but he's never actually seen the show with, y'know, dialogue. It's funny 'cause it's true.

* "Okay, I think Hodges is writing Hodges/Grissom slash."

-The Boy, while watching last week's CSI, when a spoilery thing happened. )

Again, it's funny 'cause he's not wrong.

* "He's not that tall, he's only 5'8", but at 180 pounds, he's thick. It's amazing he can generate that much speed with those hips."

-The Boy, quoting something off the TV to me. I think that one's funnier if I don't specify the context. *g*


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