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On behalf of someone who must remain anonymous for the time being, I have a fanfic-related question for those who know the San Francisco area. In the words of anon:

"I need a good place for [character] to drive to at the end of the story. I want it to be kind of romantic, like a spot overlooking the water, but not automatically a "going to make out here" place. I'm thinking Telegraph Hill might work, but I'm open to better/more appropriate suggestions. Time would be evening."

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

In return, I bring you a fannish edition of "things overheard in my apartment," all courtesy of The Boy.

* "This show is made by slashers. I'm not saying that in a bad way, it just--really is."

-The Boy, after I made him watch what were admittedly Merlin/Arthur vids, but he's never actually seen the show with, y'know, dialogue. It's funny 'cause it's true.

* "Okay, I think Hodges is writing Hodges/Grissom slash."

-The Boy, while watching last week's CSI, when after Grissom's announced he's leaving, at some point he says he needs to talk to Hodges in the hallway, and Hodges says "it's a little too late for that" in a voice of MASSIVE pissy hurt, and Grissom's just looking at him like, um, okay, wtf.

Again, it's funny 'cause he's not wrong.

* "He's not that tall, he's only 5'8", but at 180 pounds, he's thick. It's amazing he can generate that much speed with those hips."

-The Boy, quoting something off the TV to me. I think that one's funnier if I don't specify the context. *g*
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