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I am kageygirl over on Dreamwidth! (Though one would argue I am kageygirl wherever I go. Anyway.) I am totally stealing what [livejournal.com profile] drlense said--I have been entirely haphazard about adding people, so feel free to add me! Or, y'know, not. And I'm going to see what happens with my flist(s) before making any decisions about what goes where. Frankly, I just got done moving all my physical possessions; I'm not psychologically prepared for another move right this second.

So, there's that meme going around where you tell people things they should possibly know about you for more effective stalking. Perhaps, I think to myself, if I make one really wordy post, this will make up for having been so absent lately! (Hope springs eternal.)

I was born and grew up in Miami, Florida, came to Boston for college, and never left because I love the climate. (I am so funny.) No, really, I hate the climate with a fiery subtropical passion, because it's still freaking cold, but I met a boy (The Boy) my freshman year, cohabited with him for the next 6 years, then married him, and our 10th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. (We're really so old and married.) We just bought a house (Christmas Eve 2008, which is a whole 'nother story that I don't like to tell sober), and we've spent the last several months moving all our stuff (apartment lease is not up until April 30). And there might have been planning of a Jamboree in there. Anyway.

The Boy lived on the floor below mine in our dorm at the college in question, whose student body was made up entirely of giant, giant nerds and/or geeks and/or dorks. Because it's a science and engineering school, I have a BS (a Bachelor of Science) in Creative Writing (never not funny). Also I minored in Comparative Media Studies, which qualifies me to... write fanfiction. I call it my "would you like fries with that?" degree.

So, y'know, I had to pass differential calculus and molecular bio and introductory astrophysics and whatnot for my writing degree, which means there's no axis on which I am not a nerd, and through both natural inclination and the upbringing by my mechanical engineer dad, I totally think like an engineer. For which I apologize, but on the other hand, I probably can hook up a dvd player if need be. So I am handy at parties.

Currently, I work as a cataloger in the medical library of a different Large Local University. The work is fine, if not enthralling, but the corporate culture here is so fucked up that I want out really very badly.

I'm a technonerd (the--two--Swiss Army knives I have in my backpack right now both have flash drives) and an apathetic agnostic, except when I'm dabbling in Pastafarianism. I might have ended up a secular humanist, but I'm also kind of a misanthropist about humanity at large, so. *g*

FANNISHNESS: (short answer: YES.)
When it comes to fandoms, I am... a woman of easy virtue. I like tv. I watch a lot of tv. And movies. My parents never stopped me, because I also read a lot of books and did my homework and went swimming and had friends and everything, so my viewing habits were set at an early age. I watched a lot of things with my parents, even. All of us dorks.

I've been online by proxy since 1990 or 1991, reading over his shoulder as my high school boyfriend (who would become rightly known as Psycho Stalker Boy, but that came later and was just directed at me, yay) played on the Prodigy Star Wars bulletin boards, and got online myself in 1993 (every freshman at the Institute got a network account, which was, at the time, a big deal). I already knew something about fandom, though, because I got into Star Trek when I was around 11 (I can date it fairly closely, because when I started buying the tie-in novels, Enterprise: The First Adventure was out and on display at Waldenbooks. I remember that I got a little commemorative metal button with my purchase). I started reading the novels and then branched into all the nonfiction stuff, so I'd read about conventions and zines and things, and I had the two New Voyages short story collections, so fan fiction was not entirely a foreign concept to me. I was a feral fan, but with research behind me. *g*

So, 1993, I get my account, and I go hunting for info on Forever Knight, and hey! Fandom! From there it was a short hop to slash (oh, JADFE list), which was--well, not really shocking. See, some of the early Trek tie-in novels? Really slashy, though I did not have the vocabulary to describe it. And Lord of the Rings? I had totally seen the Frodo/Sam in the books without being able to articulate it. (But it was awesome.) And my freshman year, I, er, had a lit/film class with Henry Jenkins, and among our reading was his chapter from Textual Poachers titled "'Welcome to Bisexuality, Captain Kirk': Slash and the Fan-Writing Community". So my reaction was mostly, "aha! there are words for that!" And then I found slash online, and everything slotted together (er, so to speak).

And from FK I went to Highlander and due South and then the rest is history.

I love me some space opera in particular, and scifi/fantasy in general, and people with swords whacking each other in settings of dubious historical accuracy, and Westerns, and spies, and con artists, and cops/detectives (often vampires or wizards or aliens in order for me to get really fannish, but not actually required). I was on mailing lists (majordomo @ listserv.psu.edu and I had quite the long-distance relationship) and Usenet (oh, ASCEM, I had to quit you because you ATE MY LIFE) and Onelist and Egroups and Yahoogroups. I spent a LOT of time rummaging through K.S. Nicholas's Slash Page, back in the day.

And the idea of listing individual fandoms? SO DAUNTING right now. My current primary fannish love is Merlin (and the affiliated RPF, oh god) but I had a fling with Being Human, and I've been seen around town with Life and Burn Notice and Chuck and NCIS and Leverage... and that's just this year. Back in the day there was Babylon 5, and Farscape, and all the Treks (though by the end I was not so much a fan of TNG, and we will not speak of how I broke up with Enterprise. Deep Space Nine, however, can darken my doorstep any time), and Sports Night, and Buffy/Angel, and Phantom Menace (wow, the future looked bright... before Attack of the Clones came along), and SG-1/SGA, and Alien Nation, and Batman: The Animated Series, and--seriously, it's just easier to ask, "kagey, did you watch [whatever]?" Or, y'know, as some people do, just assume the answer is yes. *facepalms*

Comic books: I'm not actually current on a lot of things, but for Marvel it's largely the X-family (like that narrows it down, since they spin out into everything), for DC, it is of course the goddamn Batman, and Dark Horse had me at tie-ins, and, y'know, Vertigo yay, and then random indie stuff. I just finished the official prequel to the Star Trek movie, and I am withholding judgment until I see how it actually ties into the movie. (If at all.)

Computer games: currently, my MMORPG drug of choice is EverQuest 2, though I've been on hiatus since all the house stuff started happening. For the record, EQ2 players react to mentions of WoW the way librarians who deal in LC cataloging react to mentions of the Dewey Decimal System.

(And with that, I have typed the lamest loserest geek sentence in the history of ever. Thank you, thank you. I'm leaving it in, though, because it's so sad that it's funny. Er, to me. It's probably just sad.)

Arcade games: There was a time when The Boy and I spent *ahem* a goodly amount of time and money in video arcades. I had a thing for fighting games as a way to, er, vent my rage against the world (favorite 2D: Samurai Shodown series [sic]; favorite 3D, Tekken), where I pretty much always played as a girl or a monster. The girl part is easy enough to figure out, and I think I liked playing the monsters because alllllll the frat-type guys loved playing the generic Ryu/Ken/Bruce Lee clones. Boring! (and then I kicked a certain amount of ass. very. therapeutic.)

Er, hi. This got long. My name is kagey, aged 34 years and 11 days, and I am a giant dork. Feel free to back away slowly; I completely understand. (Or point and laugh; also valid.)

Date: 2009-04-15 04:06 am (UTC)
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*giggles* We, er, still do that sometimes, because we are TOTALLY GROWN UP. (He's pretty decent at pinball, too, not just video games. We had the old Doctor Who game in our dorm, and he spent a lot of quarters in that. *g*)


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