Jun. 27th, 2008

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I have a lot of ire for George Lucas. )

What brought this to mind was, in part, the Remastered versions of Star Trek: TOS. Now, I kind of knew about them, but I had been sort of ignoring them because, well, the idea hurts my head. But it's Friday, and I was bored, so I actually started reading some of the reviews on Trekmovie.com.

And, oh my god, I have given myself a substantial headache trying to process it.

I knew they were making the ships and planets CGI and punching up some of the effects and all. What I did not realize, in my happy Land of Denial, was that they're not exactly doing shot-by-shot remakes of the edited scenes. TrekMovie has side-by-side screencaps of the old vs. the new scenes, and they are causing me mental anguish.

It may not seem like a minor difference, but they are CHANGING my history. DO NOT WANT.

I would consider actually trying to catch this in syndication (because they're running the remastered eps), but from what I read, they've been editing down the live-action scenes for added commercial space. (Like, say, the slashy slashy scene in "Requiem for Methuselah" where Spock mindmelds with a sleeping Kirk to make him forget his pain? They cut the part where McCoy talks to Spock first. Wtf.) And I think watching that just might make me cry.


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