Feb. 12th, 2008

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For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture*, I've been rewatching Dark Angel on the iPod during my commute. And Jeremiah at home. And last night, I turned on the SciFi Channel mini-marathon of the first few eps of Jericho**, in anticipation of the second season premiere tonight.

And then my brain said, "Flag on the play!" and we had to take a time-out. Apparently, "three" is one too many alternate present/future timelines to be keeping track of in my head, and I got post-apocalyptic whiplash.

(I try to keep pretty much all the canon current in my head when I marathon a series. Being a giant dork is what I do. But is apparently not so good for the brain. Am still kind of ow.)

I've had kind of an uneasy love for post-apocalyptic universes ever since I saw the Mad Max movies, because, y'know, I've been a sci-fi dork forever, and dystopian speculative fiction is no less cool. But, damn, can it ever be depressing. Max's wife and son getting killed depressed the heck out of wee little me.

(Digression: Wikipedia tells me I was ten when Beyond Thunderdome came out, and I think my dad and I saw it in the theater and rented Mad Max and The Road Warrior around that time. In retrospect, my dad was a) pretty cool, b) a little crazy, or c) both...)

I don't have a point, really. Except, yay, Jericho returns!

* but might not be unrelated to the fact that my job is starting to feel a bit pre-apocalyptic. Also, Michael Weatherly is wicked pretty. As is Peter Stebbings.

** Dark Angel, Jeremiah, Jericho. We have no shortage of Biblical allusions here. Of course, the Bible is not without its own apocalyptic ending...


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