Jan. 16th, 2008

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*sekrit reference to sekrit person.

... so, like, I decided I was going to try not to post about negative things? And that seems to end with a whole lot of chirping crickets.

So: I am positive that I came very close to punching my boss in the face today! \o/


In actual positive-ish-ness-itude-itivity, [livejournal.com profile] shetiger posted Four Ways They're Found Out (And One Way They're Not), which is DiNozzo/McGee, 2700 words, no spoilers, PG, and made me happy like a--person who did not almost punch her boss in the face today.

I, for my part, in response to the positive workplace environment in which I am employed, contributed to the Porn Battle on work time:

Stage Fright, Treatment Of (NCIS, DiNozzo/McGee, 390 words, rated, uh, porn)

(Actually, I am happy I wrote something, so, hey. *g*)

The Boy is off to Vegas today for a week of bachelor-party debauchery--or, he will be, once his connecting flight shows up in--Cleveland? Cinci? one of those non-Chicago C-towns. I wish I could say I have big plans for my solo three-day weekend--well, I mean, I could say it. It would just be a fib.

I--plan to have a plan. Or something.


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