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Hi LJ! I... have been so very MIA that I myself find it ridiculous. And I am very much out of practice with this. Um. So. Yeah. Hi?

(To be fair, I once accidentally went three months without talking to my father on the phone, not because we had any kind of rift, but because I kept forgetting to call, and he didn't want to bother me... Yeah. Only child, divorced parents, latchkey kid = getting stuck in one's own head a LOT.)

Things that happened to me in the almost two years since I updated, what the hell:

* finished moving into my new house. (my now two-year-old new house, that is.)

* installed everything in my new house (like, door stops and towel racks and drawer pulls and toilet paper holders; we installed ALL THE THINGS).

* adopted the swine flu before it got cliched and everyone did it (seriously, I work at a med school, and the med school had not even established its recommendations for "stay the hell home" yet; I had to self-quarantine and email our HR person to say, "look, these are the CDC guidelines, I should really not be here for a week.")

* had a meningitis scare with The Boy (him: "It wasn't that big a deal." Me: "I spent a couple hours there considering the possibility that you were fatally ill while you were getting a spinal tap. STFU.") (He turned out to randomly have both a bad cold and an inexplicably sprained neck. So. Weird.)

* buried two of The Boy's grandparents. One of them was an incredibly bad situation--terminal cancer, that took a turn for the worst during the weekend that The Boy was in Vegas and I was at con.txt. (So, um, I was pretty much drinking steadily from about noon Friday onwards, so as to try to keep most people from knowing about it and bringing them down. My super British-American upbringing, let me show you it.)

* had to do a responsive reading at The Boy's father's retirement from pastoring. We all had to be involved--The Boy got a scripture reading, and I had to, y'know, read to the congregation, wait for the response, read the next part... As I said to The Boy, "They really don't know that I'm agnostic/Pastafarian, do they?" And then our nephew got sick, and The Boy's grandmother fell and had to go to the hospital, and the whole thing devolved into the Pennsylvania Dutch equivalent of "Keep calm and carry on," where those of us who were not tending the sick and wounded had to take over other people's parts, and of the nine family members supposed to be at the lunchoen afterwards, there were four of us. It was completely insane. Oh, and The Boy and I spent like 14 out of 36 hours on the road to and from the festivities. That was only three weeks ago. I am still not entirely recovered.)

In the course of one weekend, I:

- saw Leonard Nimoy sing part of "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" live onstage.

- accidentally stalked Gareth David-Lloyd. (I WAS NOT EVEN TRYING, I JUST KEPT ACCIDENTALLY BEING WHERE HE WAS.) (Which was especially ironical, because they had to move his room once because crazy fangirls had found it and were stalking him. I found this out while the head of con security was attempting to chat me up. I just kept thinking to myself, "You are all very, very lucky that I am choosing not to use my powers for evil.")

- shared an elevator with Corin Nemec. (I had to explain to my friend who he was, after he got off; her response was, "I thought he looked way hotter than the average guy here..."

- got held hostage by John de Lancie while he showed us slides of production of Madame Butterfly he was producing, set 1000 years in the future (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP).

- shared a different elevator with James Hong (at this point, I just accepted that this was officially the most randomly bizarre con I had ever been to).

- despite all the awesome, attended one of the WORST-RUN CONS I have ever been to, in 8 years of con-going, and I've been to fan cons, media cons, Creation cons, gaming cons, a Worldcon, academic conferences, and library conventions. There were no words. At one point, after they had redone a queue I was in three times--we literally walked in a circle, THREE TIMES--someone near me said to a friend, "This is just what cons are like," and I just chimed in, "NO. IT'S NOT."

Somewhere in there, I fell completely into MMORPG raiding, which makes me an incredibly loserface loser, no really, like the top 1% of 1% of losers. I've recently kind of fallen out of same, because we couldn't progress, and the game just started pissing me off, and hey look I have all this extra free time when I'm not raiding 3 nights a week. I do feel bad, though, because my guild is awesome and some of them are RL friends. Online lives, so complicated.

Fannishly, I've been drifting around a bit, lurking--there was Sherlock Holmes (2009), BBC Sherlock, Haven, Lost Girl (semicanonical threesomes, woo), and... I am forgetting things, clearly. Oh! I totally called White Collar. I was a member of a slash comm before the show ever aired, before they changed Peter's last name from what was in the advance info. Haha, I got game. \o/

Recently, I have fallen into Sanctuary, and I dragged [livejournal.com profile] shetiger down with me, and we are wallowing in the shiny and the YAY and making nefarious plans of awesome. It's good to be in love again. *g*

And... yeah, that's all I got. I'm trying and failing to come up with something pithy and clever here, so make something up and pretend I said that.
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