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(Which is a foul and vicious lie.)

I just watched Stick It with The Boy, and he made the above claim before we watched it, but I am firmly convinced otherwise.

So, wild child Haley Graham (played by Missy Peregrym, Andi on Reaper) gets in trouble with the law, and is given a choice: Texas Military Academy, or... an elite gymnastics program.

Haley, you see, used to be the shit, but two years ago she walked out on Worlds, screwing over Team USA and generally making enemies in the gymnastic world. But now she's got to go back and--oh, screw it, I'm not doing the whole recap, that sucks the life out of it.

This move has a bizarre charm to it--Haley and her Ramones and Black Flag shirts (in 2006, seriously, the kids still know who Black Flag is?), throwing heavy metal signs and, y'know, showing off her abs while she soaks in tubs of ice (all the falling and muscle pulls and whatnot). Her new coach, Burt Vickerman, played by Jeff Bridges, who starts out with moments where The Boy and I were both yelling "INAPPROPRIATE TOUCHING" and then by the end of the movie, we're totally shipping them.

Bitchy and dumb yet oddly cute Joanna, and Wei Wei and Mina, the lesbian gymnast couple (okay, not OFFICIALLY, but still), and the GYMNAST REVOLUTION at the end of this movie. And the soundtrack was... really, in 2006, using a Green Day song off of Dookie was an interesting choice. I have to applaud that kind of thinking.

Seriously, I have no idea HOW the movie worked, because at some points it felt like it was going in three directions at one and we'd somehow missed the connecting scenes, but I am SO buying that thing from Best Buy tomorrow. Too much metal for one hand!

In other news, Merlin has still eaten my brain, kink memes are really, really dangerous animals (no, REALLY), and I seem to have gotten my ability to write smut back. All I had to do, apparently, was trade in my moral compass, and really, what good did that bastard ever do me anyway, I ask you.

In less awesome news, my communication-avoidance problem is currently so bad that I have trouble opening emails that I WROTE TO MYSELF, from work, containing nothing but links to things I wanted to look up at home. I am having trouble TALKING TO ME. That right there is expert-level wrongness. (I'm trying to fix that, but if it takes a while for me to respond to comments, wow, is that ever not y'all, but me.)
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